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The Best Naked Asian Pics Site on the Web

 I have at last found what is probably the best naked Asian pics website in the world! As part of my job I’ve looked through and compared a lot of Asian porn sites, and I finally have a winner:

If you’re like me and are afflicted with what is known as “Yellow fever”, rest assured that you are not alone! Asian women are exciting in a very particular and even surprising way: they may look very cute and innocent,  but they can also be some of the sexiest beings on the planet: there is a type for every man, and this website has them all, be it Japanese, Korean, Cambodian or Filipino!

You might be wondering, what is it about this one that separates it from the legions of porn sites that the Internet if filled with?

For starters, the website is completely free and will probably stay that way. It has a few ads, but they fit seamlessly with the content and aren’t too intrusive. However, you may still find the occasional pop-up, but this might change in the future depending on what feedback the people give(see the “Contact” page to contact the owner and give feedback).

On the website you fill find an endless amount of hot pics, all hand-curated. Every single day new photos are added to the website. There are mostly amateur babes and models, but occasionally there are also some big stars like Hitomi Tanaka. Because of this it is also a great place to find new and up and coming adult actresses.

All the pics here are softcore: you will see only pics of naked Asian girls, no men or actual sex acts are shown; also, no gifs or videos are allowed.

Here is an example of the kind of image you can find on

Pic of amateur naked asian babe
Amateur Asian Babe


If you want to delve deep into the steamy and exotic world of Asian porn: a world full of tiny and cute pale girls with pitch black hair and tight pussies, you must check this website out!

I know that to the average person it may seem very difficult to try and pick a single Asian porn site from the so many there are. I am sure as well that plenty of people would disagree with my pick and that is fine, people may prefer to see more hardcore content, or they may not like filipino women, or they may even prefer to see porn stars instead of amateurs: people get off to different things.

You should however keep my recommendation in mind: I am a professional and like to think of myself as an authority on the subject. I personally looked through over one hundred naked Asian pics sites, and this is truly what I believe to be the winner.


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